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Always ON predictive intelligence

Always connected on dedicated bandwidth, deep signal penetration allowing for maximum use of space, cloud enabled machine learning and enhanced AI modules for predictive consumption and lower cost of maintenance

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Realtime reporting and monitoring

Real Time insights into consumer behaviour, consumption and complete brand integrity.real time stock control! Perfect pours every time!

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Minimised Wastre/Sustainable revenue

Cost effective solutions for draught beer infrastructure enabling operatyional improvements, cost reduction and revenue growth.

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Simple and easy
this is how we do it

Data Management and Analytics waste reduction and revenue boost

Set your reporting period. Make real time decisions on promotions. Tap optimisation and profitability

Automated Data Integration with any POS or data point

iOS/Android Appliactions Connect to any cloud based POS Integrate into any cloud or datawarehouse with open APIs

Tap, Bar, Venue, Local, National and Global Profitability insights in real time

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly... Manage Campaigns and consumer behaviour Eliminate unprofitable brands and taps

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Scalable technology thats easy to use

Floteq’s draught beverage system is designed to scale up and down as required. From handling individual venues with cost control focus to large outdoor stadiums, improving operational effectiveness, cost reduction, revenue growth, staff, and stock control to consumer behavior and brand integrity. Floteqs Draught monitoring system is designed with venues and patrons at the front. We love your beer as much as you do!

Android / iOS and Desktop Application

Download and install our application for your managers, venue operators, and draught beer controllers. Real-time updates on temperature fluctuations, pressure levels, flow, and cleaning and hygiene alerts and schedules.

POS integration in the cloud or on-premise with open APIs for easy management.

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Our Installation Process


Alocate space per flowmetar close to line and power source

Attach turbines to lines

Standard lines 3/8 inc fit in the turbine. Drain line, cut line and attach turbine with appropriate flow direction as indicated on turbine.

Connect Power

Flowmetar plugs in directly into AC power. Range is from 105 to 240V. Attach tethered turbines to back of flowmetar. 5 x 6 x 10 inch per flowmetar.

Screw and Secure

Screw in bolts to flowmeters and attach to wall or appropriate space.

Device will self heal and find Network. It will begin reporting in 1 hour intervals

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Pricing plans


$399 / Month

If you are an independent pub or bar owner a sigle module will statisfy all your draught beer monitoring

Full reporting
Integration with POS
Predictive maintenance
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$299 / Month

Designed for multi Venue operators with 10 venues or more.

Full reporting
Integration with POS
Predictive maintenance
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If you are a multi venue operators and have dynamic demands for variety of bars, pubs and clubs as well as entertaimmnet venues please contact us for a full custom solution

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