This is Floteq

Floteq was born out of necessity. Our founders were the first people to open up a wine-bar in the Hills district in Sydney. It was a place that you love to go to. A space for adults, where they could safely and comfortably enjoy great food, wine and beer. A place you'd would want to hang out. A little rustic, a little dark and most importantly a place you would be proud to be your local. The food was terrific, staff were loyal and engaged and there was a true place where everybody knew your name.

However, the sales reports on beverages were seldom matching. We were selling great beer, but the amount sold and amount used was always different. And losses were piling up. So with a background in IT and rugged equipment from Motorola and through to Google Analytics, we set out on an adventure.

Is wastage a problem and how big was it? We did our research surveyed hundreds of pubs and found this is a problem that plagues hospitality and entertainment venues. Now we serve everyone from small bars to large pub groups to worlds largest breweries!


Miles Lazic

CEO and Founder

With over 25 years of experience in corporate sales predominantly in IT hardware software and analytics, with a passion for wine, beer and business. If it concerns draught beer Miles knows about it, especially how to drink a cold one. With his keen interest in everything concerning hospitality Miles and the wider team constantly look for new challenges and how to overcome them. From sustainability to automation Floteq's key drive is to change the way we do things for the better!

Diana Lazic

COO and Co Founder

Diana has been intricately involved from the "aha" moment of checking the empty keg to understanding and delivering insights for effective marketing derived from raw data. Diana heads up Operations and her previous experience at large retail outlets such as L'Oreal, David Jones and running a wine bar for 6 years gives Floteq a unique blend of experience and drive

R&D Team

Based in Serbia

Our R&D team consists of 12 Software and hardware developers with wide expertise in IOT, software, networking, apps and web development. Engineering focuses on development of ruggedised hardware with IP67 and higher classification, as well as AI machine learning and advanced algorithms designed for operational excellence


David May

General Manager

David and Miles spent years working together. From Motorola to IBM to Floteq. David is a Sales Professional with a sound background in IT and Electrical Engineering, coupled with commercial experience and business acumen David is an integral part of Floteq International with focus on A/NZ and APAC

Stuart Gielen

Technology Manager

Apart from loving the fact that Floteq's solutions are good for beer and the environment, Stuart helps the team with his extensive knowledge in customer experience design and application design. He is focused on ensuring the solution stays on point to deliver the best customer experience