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Automated Line Cleaning 

Our data solution can be bundled with our sweeping sound technology, allowing you to decrease the cleaning of your beer lines to every 8 weeks. 

By emitting a low frequency and inaudible sonar pulse, we reduce the biofilm responsible for yeast build-up. This will reduce your cleaning frequency requirements and use of harsh chemicals drastically. Ensuring you can keep pouring top quality beer whilst saving money on wastage, chemicals and manual labour.

This one-size-fits-all solution can be installed regardless of the age of your beer lines.

Solutions Data Management and Analytics

Between 8-12% of draught beer is wasted everyday, across pubs, bars, clubs and stadiums. Waste is a part of cost. Not anymore!


Floteq brings you a revolutionary new ability to monitor your bar, pub, club or stadium at your fingertips.


Monitor and control your brand integrity and gain consumer insights in real time across one or multiple venues. Monitor your revenue, temperature, pressure, cleaning cycles, stocktake and so much more.

Automated Data Integration Monitor

Whether you are a cellar man, venue manager or the financial controller, data on demand has the ability to transform your business.

Know exactly how your brands are consumed, @ what temperature, and @ the exact time.

Never serve a flat, warm or gassy pint again. Manage your staff, stock or power consumption, all in one.

With a fully open API and reporting on regular time intervals or real time, your data is fully automated and can integrate into any cloud based Point of Sale or data warehouse

Custom Hardware and Software

Whether you are managing a single location, multiple locations and bars, or large stadiums and halls, your data is safe, secure and meaningful every time you open the dashboard.

Know in real time if you are meeting your KPIs, your daily or hourly targets, which brands are selling well and why.

Watch your revenue grow and your costs disappear. Floteq's elegant business analysis tool allows you to make the right decisions instantly!

Ruggedised Hardware and Beautiful Software

You are great at running your venue. Leave the tech stuff to us.

Our rugged hardware is designed to withstand tough conditions, from your bar staff to freezing cold cellars

Our software is designed with you in mind. It will plug and play into any cloud enabled POS and work with any data feed