Our customers

Below are some stories of how our solutions lead to our customers' success

London Stadium

London Stadium was created for the sole purpose of the London Olympics in 2012. This state of the art stadium hosts 70,000 people for a variety of events. Since 2016 it has been home to Westham United FC. The stadium has over 60 events per year including football games, concerts and corporate events and is equipped with over 30 individual bars with over 750 beer taps. Floteq has been monitoring beer flow, temperature and consistency of brands like, Birra Moretti, Fosters, Amstel, Heineken and Inches Cider; ensuring every last drop is perfectly cold and fresh in every single pint since 2021

Wenty Leagues Club

Wentworth Leagues club is the flagship Club in Western Sydney, NSW, Australia and serves well over 10,000 patrons daily and sells in excess of 25000 schooners of beer every month. Floteq’s IOT solution provides Wenty Leagues with exact stocktake management, brand management and ensures patrons get a perfect pour every single time. With 10 restaurants, 12 bars and over 110 beer lines, Wenty Leagues Club is a crowning jewel in NSW clubs

Cargo Bar

Built in the early 2000’s The Cargo Bar has been an iconic bar In Sydney overlooking the Sydney Harbour. With year long pleasant climate and glistening harbour as its backdrop it's one of the premier bars in Sydney, which serves a variety of great international beers such as AsahiPeroni, and Kirin with a mixture of great craft beers Cargo bar is a great destination for every visitor. Floteq has been monitoring the draught beer installation at Cargo Bar since 2019 ensuring that all guests get a perfect drop every time!

Bungalow 8

A sophisticated bar on the Sydney Harbour Bungalow 8 is a part of the AusvenueCo. Since 2019 Floteq IOT monitoring Solution has been in use providing management with an operational excellence solution which provides alerts on temperature of the beverage, health and hygiene of the beer lines and stock control and forecasting. The solution provides operational management with alerts and information, and executive management on profitability and cost minimisation